face and body treatments

Face and body treatments

Professional face and body treatments: anti age, anti-wrinkle and slimming, glycolic acid, scrub and cellulite treatment and much more

Facial Treatments

facial treatments


The face cleaning is performed according to the protocol ie: cleansing (elimination of toxins deposited on the skin), toning (PH restoration), exfoliate, vaporizer, purification(mask) and hydration / nutrition without the use of machinery and wringing. A gentle cleansing, natural, effective. In this treatment, high quality certified and organic products of vegetable origin will be used.


The facial treatment for oily and impure skin balances the sebaceous secretion, refines and smoothes the skin texture, ensuring the slowing of sebum production day after day, thanks to the exclusive combination of astringent plant extracts and sebum-regulating active substances.


The anti age treatment prevents the onset of wrinkles on the skin, going to stimulate the natural production of collagen; also performs, an intense moisturizing action, restoring vitality and shine to the skin, the result will be visible from the first sessions.


This treatment involves the use of plant stem cells, able to stimulate the production of new epidermal cells, repairing it from damage due to age and other external factors, strengthening collagen fibers, giving the face a compact and luminous appearance.

anti age treatment
natural cosmetics


The treatment with snail slime performs a regenerating and nourishing action thanks to the high concentration of collagen, elastin, glycolic acid, vitamin A and vitamin E; ideal for fighting skin blemishes, even for small scars such as those caused by acne, reduces wrinkles and thins stretch marks; suitable for mature and combination skin.

GLYCOLIC ACID TREATMENT (al 15% o al 30%):

This treatment involves the use ofglycolic acid, extracted from sugar cane, useful for blemishes such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation spots, acne, stretch marks and relaxed skin; Moreover, the treatment produces the exfoliation of the more superficial cells, reactivating the synthesis of new elastic fibers, drawing water into the underlying connective tissue and thus obtaining a compact skin, toned and renewed.

mandelic acid treatment

MANDELIC ACID TREATMENT (al 15%, 30% O 50%):

This treatment involves the use ofmandelic acid, extracted from bitter almond, delicate and effective, which gently nourishes damaged skin, even from scars after acne, ideal for combating superficial stains such as freckles, wrinkles ; also used to obtain a deep cleansing of the face, anti-aging. This treatment, unlike the one based on glycolic acid, can also be performed in the summer, since mandelic acid is not photosensitizing, and is suitable for all skin types , illuminates and makes the face more compact.

Body Treatments


body treatments

The body scrub treatment it serves to remove dead cells and to stimulate the natural renewal process of the stratum corneum, revitalizing the epidermis, stimulating the correct cell turnover and allowing the skin to breathe. After the scub the skin is smooth, bright and ready to receive the nutrients necessary for good hydration.


This treatment involves the use of cold bandages which are vasoconstrictors, so they cause a reduction in venous volume, improving blood and lymphatic circulation and stimulating metabolism ; therefore the treatment is ideal for those with capillary problems, to counteract localized fat ,to give tone to the body, counteract water retention and cellulite, relieve fatigue and pain in the legs , it is also effective against varicose veins and capillary fragility, giving an immediate sense of well-being.


This treatment involves the use of Thalasso, which is a mixture of algae and salts, with emollient functions, stimulating and draining. The fabrics after application, will appear modeled, toned and deflated. The salt treatment is designed to promoteelimination of excess fluids, ie toxins , often due to localized swelling of the legs, ankles, knees, etc..


The cellulite it is an adipose tissue composed of adipocytes (cellule adipose). It is localized in the gluteus-femoral and abdominal area and looks like an orange peel. In the subcutaneous areas involved there is an excess of water retention, forming cellulite micronodules. Thanks to this treatment, specific action is taken on localized adiposity.


This treatment gives new life to the skin by anticipating formation and improving stretch marks, making the furrow softer to the touch session after session, giving firmness and hydration to the skin. The treatment is indicated for areas of the body such as: otherwise, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and arms.


This treatment is indicated for those who want to tone and keep the skin tissue elastic, indicated during pregnancy and to counteract dermal emptying due to the passing of the years, going to give elasticity to the skin with a modeling and toning action.


This treatment is ideal after breastfeeding or when sagging breasts occur, helps prevent and mitigate emptying and the appearance of any stretch marks. Moreover, it helps tone and firm and maintain the elasticity of the breast.


This treatment is ideal for combating the "age spots" that appear after 40 years of age, we are talking about spots of a brown color that occur mainly on hands, face and décolleté. During the treatment, exfoliants and / or glycolic acid will be used, to allow the detachment of the outermost layers of the epidermis.


Hands are a business card ,this treatment gives it hydration and nutrition, acting and protecting the epidermis from the most aggressive external agents, repairing micro-cracks ,carrying out a soothing action on chapping and redness thanks to the presence of aloe.


Having healthy and well-groomed feet is essential for the well-being of the entire body. This treatment has an exfoliating action, moisturizing, and refreshing thanks to the presence of plants and refreshing crystals, ideal for treating calluses, calluses and dehydrated skin.

All face-body treatments, they will be performed with products of the highest quality of vegetable origin or better to say BIOLOGICAL PHYTO-COSMETICS.


With the word Phytocosmetics all cosmetics that contain exclusively plant products are defined; all those are defined with the word Organic vegetable raw materials also without residues of pesticides and / or other chemicals; therefore with the word organic phytocosmetics we mean all those cosmetic products, made with plant products without residues of pesticides and / or chemicals. In Phytocosmetics products is the basis of the product (called excipient) both the active ingredients (called phytocomplexes) are of vegetable origin. Vegetable excipients , unlike silicones, petroleum jelly or paraffin, they have no side effects, but to see their goodness and effectiveness they need continuous and lasting use over time and only after about 30 days of regular use you can test the real benefits, this happens because the skin needs substances that are able to deeply penetrate the active ingredients, and for this reason oils are used a lot ( sebum-like substances that the skin produces) like olive oil, used since ancient times (source of wealth of our Salento area to defend) , shea butter ,sesame oil, of Argan etc .., precious allies of our beauty. In traditional cosmetics, silicones are often used, petroleum jelly or paraffin, synthetic substances, which are not absorbed by the skin, they neither nourish nor hydrate it, but they remain on the surface, creating an occlusive film that blocks cell transpiration.

organic phytocosmetics products
organic cosmetics

When you spread a cream, containing silicone, you immediately feel the sensation of hydration and the skin immediately feels smoother to the touch, in reality the smoothness you feel is not that of your skin but that of the polluting and drying silicone molecules placed on your body. We help Nature source of Life and Beauty.

All these face and body treatments can be performed either manually and / or with the aid of machinery ( it is. infrared etc ..)