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Treatments with clay

Le Tre Gioie del Sole offers treatments with white or green clay for the health and beauty of body and face.

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Clay therapy

Clays are sediment deposits formed by the products of erosion and disintegration (by water, oxygen ,carbon dioxide present in the environment and which act over time) of older rocks; they have interesting biological properties exploited in the cosmetic field and are also used for therapeutic treatments.
The use ofclay dates back to the beginnings of human history, man learned to know it thanks to its plasticity and its particular softness. Clays are composed of silicates, aluminum, water and numerous mineral salts (ferro, magnesium, potassium, football, sodium, manganese and other trace elements),in different percentages depending on the base rock and the environmental transformations to which they have undergone, most of them can be defined as hydrated silicates of aluminum and magnesium with a lamellar structure(CLAY MINERALS).

The main feature of clay is the ability to absorb water, and have a remarkable anti-inflammatory property.
The color of the clay varies according to its origin, they are yellow in color, bluish, White, verde, rosa, etc..
L’ Green clay it is more suitable for medicinal purposes ,the white ones for cosmetic purposes. The clays, as mentioned, they have therapeutic properties and are an excellent remedy for eczema, allergy, boils, inflammations, useful for calming pain and fighting acne, coliti, ulcers, sores, blackheads, sunburn, great for swelling , for trauma, even after an operation, edema, slogature, trauma to the limbs, for arthritis, arthrosis, torching, detoxification of internal organs.
Clay therapy is a system of treatment, part of natural medicine, based on the prolonged and beneficial action of the mineral compound which is clay, and this is applied to the body with poultices and plasters.
Poultices are obtained by mixing water, clay and any other substances, once the dough is obtained, it is wrapped in a cloth and applied to the area of ​​the body that needs treatment.
Clay-based poultices with the addition of vegetable extracts and oils, which in some uses amplify its effectiveness, they can be applied directly to the body or face, fixed with bandages and left in pose by 30 minutes a 60 minutes depending on the case.
In the field cosmetic the poultice is an excellent exfoliant, the clay smooths the skin, promoting the elimination of spots on the skin and small imperfections; this treatment is a natural anti-aging by removing the most superficial cells of the horny state, the clay acts as a mild exfoliant, valid for facial cleansing, cicatrizing.
Also used for masks in cosmetic and therapeutic treatments.

Treatments with clay

ANTI-AGING CLAY MASK : The clay that we will use in this treatment is theWhite clay which stimulates and keeps the skin young, absorbs stress and fights free radicals, useful for mature skin, leaving the skin silky soft and supple, its neutral pH helps skin regeneration and rebalances it , remineralizing and decongestant for dry and sensitive skin.

PURIFYING MASK : based on the type of leather we will use thepink clay o l ' Green clay ,this mask eliminates excess sebum and impurities, facilitating the exfoliation of dead cells, having an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant property.

HEATING MUD with herbs : Based on green clay ,effective for various problems, performs a pain relieving and anti-inflammatory action. It is recommended for back pain ,cervical pain, trauma, bruises, arthritis arthrosis, muscle aches ,after an intervention etc..
Or :

MUD with yellow clay , which stimulates circulation and enhances the draining effect.

MUD with green clay and algae : for water retention problems , cellulite, stretch marks, slimming and firming.

TREATMENTS based on green clay for body and face, for problems such as sinusitis, cough, sore throat cooling, for the digestive system ,organs, etc.

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