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Bach flower massage

The Bach flower massage and a complete psychosomatic path, deep and relaxing, that goes to interact on a physical level, emotional and mental. This treatment, lasting 50 minutes, it is performed with specific oils or creams that convey the different Bach flowers inside the body. The treatment involves, first a consultation with the client in order to identify the problems of the subject and define the Bach flowers suitable for the case, once identified these will then be applied to the skin through the massage maneuvers . Recommended, in order to optimize the result, undergo this treatment in cycles of 6 or more massages performed in a short time, to deal with the various problems in depth. Finally, this massage is indicated for treating anxiety, lo stress, the Depression , l'asthenia, muscle blocks, to overcome physical and emotional trauma, blockages in the circulation of acupuncture energy meridians.

Swedish massage Lecce

Swedish massage

The Swedish massage is among the classic Western massages ,known precisely as "classic massage", has been known for nearly three hundred years, and was designed by Swedish physiotherapist Peht Henrik Ling. This classic massage is a relaxing practice that is performed on the whole body using touch maneuvers, deep rubbing, clutch, kneading and percussion. This technique has decontracting effects, relaxing and draining, acts on the hemolymphatic circulation, useful for the prevention of fat, cellulite, promotes the elimination of toxins and liquids accumulated in the tissues. It instills a feeling of global well-being and rebalances the functions of the digestive system.

Tibetan Bells sound massage

The sound massage with Tibetan bells it originates in the east in particular in Tibet, India and Nepal , dove, more than two thousand years ago, Tibetan masters used these practices as a healing tool. This massage involves the bells, placed around the body and on the client's body, that dress is placed on the bed in a prone and then supine position, are beaten and rubbed so as to make them emit vibrations that flood the entire body. The massage has a deep and regenerating effect and the vibrations and the sound of the bells work on the body fluids including the water of each individual cell, so every cell in the body vibrates, changing, bringing harmony with oneself and with others, awakening and restoring internal balance. The sound of the bells reproduces the mantras, like the OM vibration, and acts directly on the brain waves, emitting Alpha and Theta waves similar to ours, driving our brains deep, inducing deep meditation to peace and clarity of mind. This treatment improves concentration, blood pressure, fights insomnia, dissolves contractures, reduces and eliminates headache and migraine, regulates digestion, releases abdominal and lumbar tension, allows for regular and deep breathing, rebalances the cerebral hemispheres and stimulates the healing processes.

Bamboo massage

According to the philosophical knowledge of the ancient Chinese, the bamboo rods were able to circulate energy and could be used both to reabsorb the excess energy itself and to restore the individual's energy balance. Also today, as then in China and Japan, bamboo rods are used for the same reason , as they are considered the symbol of eternal youth , these come from a plant rich in silicon, betaine and potassium, elements that strengthen the skin tissues. The pressure of the bamboo cane on the body favors the drainage of stagnant liquids in the lymphatic system ,in addition to tissue regeneration, thanks to the supply of oxygen, the benefits are remarkable for the connective tissue, since it causes the displacement of subcutaneous adhesions and reactivates the lymphatic circulation, slowed down due to toxins. Ideal for women suffering from both edematous and fibrotic cellulite problems, also ideal for combating stretch marks.
The bamboo massage is also used in the aesthetic field, with regenerating effects, firming, giving elasticity and brightness to the skin. This treatment lasts for 50 minutes and is made both on the cot and on the futon, during the massage bamboo rods of different sizes are used. According to the different needs of the customer , you can perform both vigorous massages to solve problems such as contractures ,stretching the muscles and moving the connective tissue, both for modeling massages (on thighs ,buttocks, hips, arms) ,giving shape and tone to the body and to lose too many inches (as saddlebags).

Cupping Massage

Cupping is an ancient oriental practice that involves a real sucking of the skin locally through the cups, also known as cupping , is applied on the body and left in place for a duration of 5/20 minutes per zone ,the cups are applied to the reflex areas of the body, back area, total, belly, foot or areas that host specific points that connect energetically to certain internal organs.
This treatment can be done either with cold cupping , both with hot cupping: in hot cupping, the glass cup is heated and then applied to the area to be treated; in cold cupping, the silicone cup is applied directly on the part to be treated.
Cupping can be intermittent, swiped, or fixed according to the results to be obtained, it is an energy dispersion technique, or energy booster, and during the treatment there may be a detachment action of the underlying tissues .
With this technique , bruising can occur , but all of this is quite normal, it means that we have unlocked a stagnant energy, which is also transformed into a block on a physical level ; it is a technique that works in depth, gives lightness ,well-being and no pain. Also valid for unblocking the blood and lymphatic system; it is used by sportsmen in athletic training, useful for contracture problems, muscle tension, arthrosis, effective after trauma , valid for combating cellulite and against stretch marks, effective for painful syndromes such as: headache, migraine, leucorrea, uterine cramps ,gynecological problems ,breathing problems, for the digestive system. Good results are also obtained in cases of anxiety, depression , insomnia, helps remove toxins.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is performed on specific areas of the body in order to improve athletic performance; Moreover, this treatment is performed in different sequences depending on the desired effect:
– In the moment before the effort(pre-gara), the massage aims to stimulate the blood circulation, to excite and warm up the muscular system with fast and superficial manual skills;
– In the period immediately following the effort(post-station), the massage must provide mental and muscular relaxation and completely eliminate lactic acid with deep and slow manual skills.


It is a massage-treatment of the Ayurvedic tradition. This massage originates in India, and literally means "helping the body to sweat". PINDA means bolus or tampon, SWEDA means sweating. This massage begins with the application of medicated oil all over the body , for a maximum time of 15 /20 minutes, this is to warm the whole body. Subsequently, the massage is performed with tampons soaked in hot oil, where inside these pads we find medical herbs, which have the power to release the active principles of plants, these pads are applied to the body with a rotational movement, tapping, etc..; and everything is repeated several times to increase the heat of the body.
It is a relaxing massage ,valid for pains , rheumatism, improves joint mobility, promotes the elimination of toxins and skin impurities, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, and it is also valid for cellulite.