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Wellness and Health

Le Tre Gioie del Sole is a wellness center in Poggiardo where you can benefit from the best face and body treatments, holistic and natural therapies for your psychophysical health.

L’welfare operator is a professional figure who intervenes to improve the salute and the physical appearance of the person, through performance, treatments, manual techniques and through the use of electromechanical devices that are performed on the surface of the body, whose purpose is to keep it in perfect condition and to improve and protect its aesthetic appearance by modifying it by eliminating or mitigating the imperfections present. The operator ,considers the person in a holistic / systemic vision aimed at achieving psychophysical well-being, is able to help people regain physical and mental harmony.

The word WELFARE stands for WELL-BEING therefore means BEING GOOD OR EXISTING GOOD, and it is a state that involves all aspects of the human being and characterizes the quality of life of every single person within a community of people. Many want to improve or simply disconnect from the hectic pace of everyday life, of work, from stress, dedicating more time to yourself, anyone can achieve a state of well-being without upsetting their lifestyle, without getting tired, being pampered by ours personalized treatments, come massages, facial treatments, body treatments, to restore peace and beauty to ourselves ,as the wise men said MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO : the mind is healthy in a healthy body.