cos'è la naturopatia
benefits of naturopathy

What is Naturopathy

The Naturopathy or naturopathic medicine or "path of nature" is a discipline of very ancient origin, aimed at using techniques and natural therapies.
In naturopathy man is considered as a whole by considering a health problem in its physical entirety, mental, spiritual, regardless of the disturbance(it's.mal di gola). The main purpose is to stabilize the energy balance to induce the body to self-heal without resorting to the use of synthetic drugs. The various naturopathic therapies play a role of prevention and re-education to health in a physiological way.

The Naturopath is a professional figure, lover of techniques and natural remedies who works in education, assistance and preventive.
The naturopath is highly recommended for those who want to learn to be an active and responsible protagonist of their health, namely , the naturopath is the one who analyzes the inclinations and problems of the individual ,educates him on health and his management Welfare daily.

What does the Naturopath do

The naturopath during the first meeting identifies the physical and energetic characteristics, current predispositions and problems, the metabolic aspects, eating habits, the lifestyle and the conditions of imbalance present in the individual, as well as the objectives to be achieved.
After the first analysis the naturopath, together with the client will create a path that can also be developed in three or more sessions during which we will try to reach the set goals, in which the most suitable techniques will be used ,through non-invasive methods and remedies ,to restore the client's psychophysical balance. On the basis of the problem, periodic monthly evaluation and support meetings can also be planned as a moment of personal training, to then arrive at maintenance calls .
Health is a lifestyle that is conquered day after day, in acquiring the ability to interact appropriately with internal and external stimuli on a physical level, biochemist ,environmental, emotional, mental and spiritual.

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