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Decontracting Massage Center in Poggiardo Lecce

I am a specialist in Decontracting massage for the back muscles, neck, legs, trapezoid: book an appointment at Le Tre Gioie del Sole Lecce

decontracting massage from Lecce specialist

The Decontracting massage, very useful for the back muscles, neck, legs and trapezius, is an intense massage that acts deeply on the connective and muscle tissues, it stimulates the deep tissues and the suffering muscles so as to relax them and dissolve the contractures present. Useful for relieving pain related to muscle contractures, stress, tensions. It is a much loved treatment by sportsmen , as it helps to improve their competitive performance, reduce the risk of trauma and speed up recovery times. Regularly doing decontracting massage sessions helps prevent the risk of muscle pain that can become chronic over time. With the treatment the toxins accumulated in the skin are eliminated muscles, relieve muscle tension, restoring elasticity and eliminating any type of pain.