massage specialist, naturopathy and well-being

Who I am

Welcome dear souls I am Giada De Rinaldis , born in Turin but raised in a small town on the Salento coast.
Since I was a child I have been fascinated and intrigued by nature and its mysteries, from animals, from subtle energies, from medicine and the study of the human body.
After graduating from high school, and I moved to Milan for work reasons, I realized that the work I was doing did not meet my not economic but spiritual expectations. My vocation, if that can be said, it is not that of having a job a mere economic satisfaction but that of being able to help people to "feel good", and "feeling good" does not mean for me to fill up with synthetic pills and medicines as conventional medicine advises, but "feeling good" for me means feeling good about yourself on a physical level ,mental and spiritual. " feel good ”means getting up in the morning and feeling the body alive in all its parts, the clear mind free from any conditioning, and the spirit alive and full if. Here I want to help people to "feel good" in this sense.

To do this I studied Herbal techniques, Naturopathy, phytotherapy, floritherapy, aromatherapy, Auricular chromopuncture, Auriculotherapy, nutrition, reflexology, dietetics, chinese medicine, Thai medicine, Spagiria, homeopathy, bionergetica, emotional chromotherapy, surface electroacupuncture, energetic phytotherapy, bionergetic analyst, aesthetics. And I have attended several schools over the years: from S.I.M.O. of Milan to A.M.O.N. from Bari; dall’National Academy of Holistic Energy Techniques of Siena, to the Italian Society of Flower Therapy of Bologna; from the Bio-studio School of Reflexology and Natural Medicine in Rome, at the Maderno School of Specialized Kinesiology (Bs); and finally the A.L.F.E.A. of aesthetics in Lecce. As well as, inspired by my dear grandmother, I have done several traditional and non-traditional massage courses, for example at the ADARA school in Pescara at the Aurelio physiotherapy center in Rome, the Italian Society of Flower Therapy of Bologna (flower therapy massage), the school Thai Massage Chiang Mai School of Thailand. Here today I feel ready , even if I perpetually continue to study ,to give you dear soul the possibility of being able to say "I AM GOOD". I am Giada De Rinaldis and this is my mission..