reiki massage benefits
Japanese reiki massage benefits

Reiki: what's this, how it works and what are the benefits

How Reiki works and what are its benefits for the body: book an appointment at Le Tre Gioie del Sole in Poggiardo Lecce

The Reiki is a Japanese discipline conceived and created by the master Usui, it has no roots in any other discipline. The term Reiki is a compound word, from “king” and “ki”, and literally means Energy Universal . The word "Rei" outlines the unlimited aspect, it means total "Wisdom of God", universal energy, The word "KI outlines the individualized aspect of the Energy. Every human being lives thanks to his own KI, but despite being part of the REI it is not aware of it due to the enormous conditioning of society and culture that shape the personality. So everyone lives as if he were separated from the REI, even if it is not ,since in the universe All is One.
It is a Japanese spiritual practice used to reduce stress ,promote relaxation and healing.

The Reiki is performed through the hands of the operator and it is based on the idea that there is a life force ,invisible universal, which flows through us and gives us LIFE. If this force stagnates or becomes too weak we are subject to stress and disease; if it is balanced or sufficiently high it allows us to feel good, serene and healthy. So the meaning of Reiki is spiritually guided life energy .
After a short initial interview , you lie down from clothes on the bed removing shoes and metal objects, and the treatment will begin , placing the hands on the points to be treated (each single position lasts from three to five minutes).The Reiki energy rebalances the entire organism, nourishing and healing it in depth, acts on the neurosensory system ,rhythmic change ,penetrates the bones, after the treatment you feel light and at peace .