The Three Joys of the Sun
Alternative Medicine and Wellness Center

Le Tre Gioie del Sole is a center specialized in alternative medicine, massages (thai massage, Californian massage, decontracting, lymphatic drainage, hot stone, etc.), in face and body treatments (anti age treatment, snail slime, glycolic acid, cellulite and slimming treatment, etc.), naturopathy and psychophysical well-being. The headquarters of the center is in Poggiardo in the province of Lecce.

"Do not be deterred from adopting the method because of its simplicity, because the more you progress in research, the more evident the simplicity of all creation will appear. "

Edward Bach


The Naturopathy: "Path of nature" or empathy with nature,it is a global approach that involves the entire body-mind-spirit organism; deals with the well-being of the person considering it in its entirety a unique and unrepeatable microcosm.

health centre


The operator of the Welfare promotes the maintenance of physical well-being through manual treatments : what massages (body ,total ), facial treatments (it is: lifting effect ); body treatments(it is. Anti-fatigue packs etc ..)