Auriculotherapy against smoking

Auriculotherapy sessions in Poggiardo Lecce

Auriculotherapy is very useful for quitting smoking, to lose weight, in the case of anxiety disorders and in other situations: contact Le Tre Gioie del Sole in Poggiardo for more information


Auriculotherapy it is a holistic technique, of the alternative medicine, which involves external stimulation of the auricle of our two ears: right and left.
In his "Treatise on auriculotherapy", Nogier states that the auricle is a map of the organs of the human body ( also called homunculus) and that the stimulation of a part of it, using acupuncture needles and other similar items, it has beneficial effects at the level of the organ corresponding to the stimulated part. With this treatment the ailments of overweight, obesity, anxiety, insomnia ,reduces stress, chronic pains, and the different addictions such as alcohol, smoke, digestive problems ,intestinal, allergies etc.…
Auriculotherapy allows you to treat all physiological imbalances in the human body, the duration of a treatment lasts from 20 ai 30 minutes and the number of sessions varies according to the cases to be treated; it has no contraindications but is still to be avoided during pregnancy, on ear points with skin changes and on subjects taking psychotropic drugs.

auriculotherapy map

How to quit smoking?

There are three fundamental components in the problem of smoking:

  1. physical addiction (creates an addiction to the body);
  2. psychic dependence (without a cigarette I can't study and concentrate, it is part of the brain reward system through oral pleasure, the cigarette);
  3. sociability (the ritual of the cigarette that becomes addictive part of the personality).

Even strong-willed people often cannot quit smoking and are unlikely to get rid of smoking addiction, but today thanks toauriculotherapy, discovered by the French Paul Nogier in 1974, excellent results can be obtained from the first session.

auricoloterapia per smettere di fumare

To undergo the first ear electrostimulation therapy session, a smoking abstinence of at least 12 ore, and have a personalized and cognitive interview with the operator in order to understand how to best address the problem of quitting smoking.
After the interview, the client will identify his dominant celebratory hemisphere in order to better interact with ear electrostimulation. Once the dominant hemisphere has been identified, they will be stimulated, with an electrical detector, some points of the auricle producing a functional effect to establish an internal homeostasis that will immediately alter the perception of the taste of the cigarette , and will lead the body to quit nicotine without producing any side effects, the brain will immediately start producing endorphins, restoring normal levels without requiring the aid of nicotine.
It is a treatment, lasting 20-30 about minutes, painless , non-invasive and which helps the whole organism; however not recommended for pregnant women, people with pacemakers , people suffering from epileptic seizures or suffering from diseases incompatible with electrostimulators.