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What is flower therapy and what are its benefits

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flower therapy benefits

La Floriterapia

The floritherapy it is a simple and natural method of "holistic care" which uses some wild flowers for personal care. Flower therapy, revolutionary and very natural technique ,discovered and passed on to all of us, in the early 1900s by Dr.. Edward Bach, Welsh doctor (1886-1936) makes use of a number of natural essences prepared starting from spontaneous fresh flowers able to restore an altered emotional state in harmony. He took into consideration the birthplace of flowers, how they vibrated and resisted the elements and above all what were the personal feelings he received holding a flower in his hands . Thus he came to understand that i 38 flowers, of different plant species, they enclosed the entire complex of human emotions, and each of them was specific and associated with one of the states that generate malaise, classified into seven groups. Bach's remedies, they do not use the physical material of the plant but the essential energy of the flower. The healing energy is extracted in a particular way and stored in a suitable liquid. Each flower represents a spiritual quality of man.
These remedies have come down to us, and at my studio after carrying out an analysis of the client's problems, I recommend more flowers to be taken orally.
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