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Thai massage center in Poggiardo

Among the Thai massage centers in the Lecce Puglia area, Le Tre Gioie del Sole in Poggiardo specializes in traditional Thai massage and herbal compress

thai massage with oil

Origin of Thai massage

The spread of the Thai massage it happened thanks to Dr.. Shivaga , an Indian physician born approx 2500 Years ago, father of Thai medicine, profound connoisseur of Ayurvedic medicine ,he used it to cure Bimbisara's health, re di magadha. He later became Buddha's friend and physician. Its popularity was such that its name is still associated today ,indissolubly, with the Thai massage that, in its methodologies, fully respects the dearest compassion of Buddhism. Doctor Shivaga was also an expert in yoga, and we can see this knowledge applied in Thai massage. Indeed , some figures are inspired by yoga asanas, so it is not wrong to define Thai massage as massage yoga.

How Thai massage works

According to oriental medicine ,man is immersed between the energy of the earth and that of the sky. These two energies flow into the human body as a life force through energy channels, said meridians. When a person is healthy ,vital energy circulates freely in our body, while when an imbalance is created that can be caused by multiple factors such as poor nutrition, psychosomatic problems, diseases etc .., this does not flow as it should . And it is here that Thai massage can become a valuable aid in removing the stagnation of energy created, restoring balance and general well-being.

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traditional thai massage

Benefits and Indications

Thai massage works on several fronts ,elevates the bioenergetic state of the recipient, increases osteoarticular mobility, helps blood and lymphatic circulation, it is excellent for stress problems, insomnia, improves the beauty of the skin, athletic performance, posture and balance, prevents disease, relieves degenerative diseases, helps detox the body, calm the mind. "Prevention costs less than cure"


As with any other massage, Thai massage is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • severe osteoporosis
  • contagious skin diseases
  • tromboflebiti
  • severe psychiatric illnesses
  • pregnancy(it is advisable to refrain from receiving massages in the first three months and in the eighth month and in any case the abdomen and the surrounding areas and the reflex points of the genitals on the feet must always be avoided)
  • cancer
  • gastroduodenal ulcer(avoid lower back area)
  • blisters
  • aneurysm
  • unconsolidated fractures
  • acute joint inflammation
  • hematomas
  • open wounds
  • plates and prostheses
  • full stomach (having recently eaten)
thai baby massage


The Thai baby massage is intended for children in two different age groups: gives 0 a 11 months and yes 4 a 13 years.

Massage from 0 a 11 months: this treatment consists of a massage that is performed on the newborn, and a course for the mother of the unborn child so that she can in turn carry out the treatment on the baby whenever the opportunity arises, as it is proven that this treatment strengthens the mother-child bond in a healthy and constructive way.
This is the key to a child's development, as many researchers and doctors believe that a positive mother-child bond helps form the foundation for future relationships.
In addition, this treatment helps the baby cry less, relieves colic, to gain daily weight, improves adaptation to night sleep and helps the child sleep soundly, relieves nasal congestion and the discomfort of teething, helps develop good muscle tone ,coordination and flexibility, strengthens the immune system and improves the skin.

Massage come on 4 years ai 13 years: this ancient treatment also consists of a massage that is performed on the child and a course for the child's mother, so that it can in turn carry out the treatment whenever the opportunity arises, as it is proven that it serves to reaffirm a close mother-child bond.
Moreover, this treatment serves to convey a comforting sense of security and trust in the child, stimulating the body in a positive way, helping it to grow and develop; stimulating cognitive and motor development, finally, it is useful in combating any states of anxiety that are created in the child.


In the Thai herbal compress massage, cotton bundles / tablets are used, in which there is a combination of Thai herbs ; these tablets are heated with steam or as appropriate, placed cold, directly on the customer's skin or clothing, and rhythmically pat all over the body. The tablets create an immediate sense of well-being on our body , their heat improves circulation, and help the body to relax. This treatment is useful for dissolving contractures, gives tone and vigor to the body and is therefore recommended for back pain, tendinitis, muscle tears, joint stiffness or inflammation, valid for fighting colds and sore throats ,bronchiti ,sinusiti, and to increase the flow of energy(CHI)in the body. duration 75 minutes.