hot stone massage in Lecce

Hot Stone Massage

The benefits of hot stone massage with lava stones by booking an appointment at Le Tre Gioie del Sole Lecce

massaggio hot stone

The hot stone massage is performed with lava stones smooth and warm, which perform functions very similar to hands, these stones are placed on some energy points of the body immediately creating a pleasant sensation of heat and Welfare, dissolving tensions and rebalancing i energy flows bodily. The hot stone massage it is therefore recommended to correct negative thoughts, relax the muscles and balance the energy centers of the body. Moreover, thanks to the use of western maneuvers and some elements of Ayurveda, this treatment helps to relieve many ailments, as the heat causes vasodilation , torching and improving blood circulation, balancing the chakras and the nervous system, improving the oxygenation of cells. Therefore this light massage, which infuses warmth and peace is a very useful remedy for those suffering from back pain , of rheumatoid problems, of insomnia and / or depression, the technique is often integrated with aromatherapy to amplify well-being.