phytotherapy in Lecce

Phytotherapy studio in Poggiardo in the province of Lecce

The phytotherapy sessions at Le Tre Gioie del Sole in Poggiardo are useful for losing weight, or for insomnia and other anxiety-related disorders, menopause

phytotherapy for weight loss


Phytotherapy is a very ancient form of therapy whose origins date back thousands of years ago, since the time of the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, in its long history, is dotted with sources, texts, schools, and extremely varied methodologies, from conceptions according to which plants are understood following esoteric ways and lines of thought in which the study orientation of chemistry and other rationalistic sciences is privileged. Herbal medicine is the most elegant term for herbal medicine, ie plant therapy , but not with all plants but only some or parts of them. The phytotherapeutic remedy is in fact an extract of specific plants called officinal ones with medicinal properties used to cure , restore and maintain the body's functions. The line of phytotherapy that is followed today, is the modern French phytotherapy, developed over the years 50-60, when an attempt was made to change the magical-anthropological approach to the scientific approach, validated by numerous clinical trials carried out by Bergeret, Tétau, Henry and others.

The term PHYTOTHERAPY comes from the Greek "phyto" which means "plant", but by extension also "creature"; the verb "phyto" is in fact the equivalent of "generate" and "be generated", and it is curious how this double exception reveals the intimate bond that unites the plant kingdom with life, to the living being ,to man. Plants and health are an essential combination and the world of the "simple" has always been an inextinguishable source of food and therapeutic remedies. Hippocrates treated the "remedy" as the doctor's third tool, along with touch and word. Phytotherapy therefore means taking care of plants.
I deal with phytocomplements namely the study of the use of medicinal plants, vegetable substances, and herbal remedies that are used as adjuvants in REBALANCING and in maintaining optimal body functions, to maintain and recover well-being. After having carried out an analysis of the client's problems, I carry out treatments and / or applications of plants, oleoliti, essential oils on the body, to recover and rebalance an optimal psychophysical state. Ask for a personalized path of self-healing of phyto-complements.