treatments and massages The Spirit of the Trees

Treatment with the spirit of the trees

treatments and massages with the spirit of the trees: Oak tree, Beech tree, ginepro, melo, tiglio

spirit of the trees massage


Thanks to the meeting with the company Remedy, I had the chance to cross his paths and experience this path with him Spirit of the Trees, the result of decades of studies, research and dedication by Lucilla Satanassi e Hubert Bosch.
First of all I thank Messrs. Satanassi and Bosch, who turned out to be special people and gave me the opportunity to have this wonderful experience on my journey.
I also thank all their collaborators, exclusive people, passionate, that have been an integral part of this adventure.
The message of nature and encounters with tree spirits, that for years you Remedia researchers have been trying to send into the world is a journey that reconnects us to our origins, an integral part of each of us.

I treatments with what Spirit of the Trees, they arise from the intent to translate the message of the tree through massage, instrument as old as the world in the search for a favorable meeting / listening condition to receive through the skin the information contained in each preparation created for that tree . Trees communicate their message from the physical body and some communicate in an elective way with certain parts of the body. The trees chosen for the treatments have this peculiarity in a particular way. are based on five "main" trees, that is, those who were the first to send a message to pave the way for an encounter with humanity.
It is no coincidence that the number five is the symbol of universal man, from the union ,of light and heart. There are five main elements: the earth, the mother who sustains our lives, it is the center and connects all the other elements that is: wood, fire, metals, water .
Wood burns to produce,
the fire whose ashes decompose,
on the ground where they are born and where they are extracted from,
the metals that once dissolved become
the water (liquid) that feeds plants and trees.
This is the cycle of Creation.
Each tree conveys a message of the five elements.
Trees are the most evolved plants in the plant kingdom , as we are of the animal kingdom, There is a strong connection between trees and people, without trees the world would be a desert, but thanks to them we have oxygen , and not only, their action consolidates the ground , calm the wind, and with their presence they call the rain, in conclusion, they are at the service of our planet.
That's why from the trees, from their roots, bark, leaves and buds can be obtained from preparations, that the Remedia company has designed for us. Trees help us with their messages made of words suitable for everyone; each tree leads us to feel part of it , and with it to self-healing. It will be important to understand which tree we need at that time and therefore what treatment we need, and through the encounter that starting from the physical body involves the energetic and emotional body, starting a path with the tree that becomes a master for a time of our journey after which a path can be opened that will become a travel companion with whom we can build friendship.
Abandon yourself to Love ,to the breath of the here and now tree, and with them your treatment.
The treatments are performed on the whole body with a duration of 60 minutes and consist of three phases :
FROM THE BREATH: makes you feel the essence of the tree
FROM THE MOVEMENT: thanks to the massage on the client's body, the tree takes shape in its appearance,
FROM CONTACT: the client's body makes contact with the tree through compresses, poultices etc..

The five trees are represented by important qualities and characteristics that help us get closer to nature , and not only, but each tree gives us the opportunity to learn something precious and profound for each of us, he will guide us, establishing a deep relationship that involves all levels of our being, from the mental, to the physical to the spiritual.


spirit of the beech trees


The treatment opens the channels that allow the perception of more subtle energies, opens and activates the sixth chakra, brings sparkling freshness to the head ,freeing it from the tensions and stiffnesses that imprison it, and brings warmth and nourishment down below, to strengthen and strengthen our roots and our bond with the earth.
“To be free despite everything.
Regeneration of thought ".

spirit of juniper trees


The energetic treatment, aimed at mobilizing and removing deep tensions involving the whole body with elective work on the solar plexus(with warm bag of juniper berries)to open, give back light, brightness and warmth to our inner sun, that guides us and sheds light on our life.
"Purify your life".
"Getting rid of hereditary waste"

spirit of the apple trees


Let's take care of our body to transform it into a garden as a place of beauty and harmony.
Elective areas of treatment are belly, total, with particular work on the eyes (hot dried apple mask).The opening of the treatment is done on the sacrum / lumbar area.
“Feeding the body, mind and spirit of beauty "."
Transforming the earth into a garden ".

spirit of the oak trees


Regenerating and detoxifying treatment ,release congested energies in the head, increases the body's energy, balances the energy centers, strengthens the roots. Elective areas: spine and head where pressure maneuvers prevail that approach the concreteness and strong "presence" of the Oak.
“I am there. Being able to act in the material aspects of life.

spirit of the linden trees


The treatment opens the heart and reconciles the opposites harmonizing the yin and the yang. The lime tree accompanies us in letting the opposites meet, in accepting that unity is the meeting of two, the infinite embrace of yin and yang in the dance of life and death, of day and night, of shadows and lights, of the masculine and the feminine.
"Let opposites meet."