Cromopuntura Center in Poggiardo Lecce

Chromopuncture is useful against stress, anxiety, menopause, sexual dysfunctions: book at Le Tre Gioie del Sole in Poggiardo

mandel chromopuncture


The chromopuncture born from the meeting of two words "chromium and puncture", is a healing technique of the alternative medicine, which used colored light beams ( emitted via a pen with a chromatic lens) which is filtered and reflected on certain points of the body. These points are called energy meridians, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine , they are found all over the body, and are the key points where it flows, with a cyclical rhythm, the vital energy of the body (QI) . this treatment is an extended form of painless acupuncture suitable for everyone, Senior citizens, children, adults. Chromopuncture was born from Finsen and Rollier, Nobel Prize in 1903 for his work on light and color therapy, after the war this treatment had a new life thanks to Peter Mandel naturopath German , that through numerous experiences on hundreds of patients, managed to combine chromotherapy with acupuncture. Fritz A.Popp, biophysicist expert in quantum physics , showed that the cells of any living thing emit very weak radiation of light called biophotons, such radiations of these living cells, represent a regulatory energy field that encloses the organism in its entirety and exerts a fundamental influence on all biochemical processes. Chromopuncture allows you to reintroduce the correct energy throughout the body , where there is incorrect information that over time can turn into a disorder or a symptom.

How the treatment takes place?

After careful examination, the operator emits light beams on the chosen points , the beams of light stimulate, they nourish the subcutaneous cells bringing them back into balance, this is how stimulation occurs at the skin level which activates reactive processes at the level of the nervous and endocrine systems. Each color has its own function, it brings us back to our natural balance by working on the physical level , emotional ,mental. It acts on problems such as stress, strengthening of the immune defenses, anxiety, menopause, sexual dysfunctions ,physical and emotional healing, detoxifies the body, acute and chronic pain, migraine, addictions, difficulty in learning concentration, rebalances the endocrine system, regulates hunger cycles, sleep ,Seven ,relationship problems ,panic attacks. Chromopuncture acts on the seven organs of the brain (talamo, hypothalamus, pineal glands, pituitary, corpus callosum, sistema limbico, medulla oblongata). Book your chromopuncture treatment.

chromopuncture treatment with the pen